For The Passerby (Ohikulkijalle), 2019
Repurposed advertising light sign (aluminum, plexiglass acrylic sheets, polycarbonate sheet, led lights) and vinyl.
160 x 20 x 160 cm

Mounted in a standard advertising light box, the work is based on motion and ephemerality and will appear different to every passer-by. The subtle changes in the work are produced by three superimposed patterns that give rise to a moiré or interference pattern when they move. The moiré patterns appear differently to all passers-by depending on the height, direction and distance of viewing.

Commissioned by HAM Helsinki Art Museum, For the Passerby is intended as a temporary artwork. The work will remain in place for the time being, and may eventually be transferred to another location in Helsinki. It is part of the HAM collection of public art.